Meaningful support for parent, baby and children

With safe, stable and secure placements, ACS Plus delivers success by providing real support to parents. Our fully-trained staff support to develop pathways to meaningful lives and unlock new futures. We also provide a range of parent-specific services, which include:

• 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operation

• 24hr supervised parent and baby placement

• 24hr semi-independent living

• Personal relationships support

• Community Outreach Family Support Service

• Support to women fleeing abuse / domestic violence

• Peer mentoring projects

• Supervised Contact

• NICE pathways and standards

• Counselling services

• Access to a qualified and experienced maternity nurse and nanny

Mother and baby placement schemes
ACS Plus provides parents with skills to enable them to be self-sufficient. Staff observe parents and support them to adopt practising good parenting skills.

We provide parents and their children with a stable and supportive home environment.

Our qualified and vetted Maternity Nurse and feeding expert has over 10 years’ experience teaching new parents how to care for their baby and is skilled in supporting, postnatal mothers, parents, newborn babies and children.

We provide guidance and training on;

Postnatal care

Safety and hygiene for babies

Breast and bottle feeding

Parental nutrition

Sleep training

Night-time feeds, changes and settling