Everyone has the right to a personal and social life of their choice. We are passionate about supporting people to have positive relationships of all types.

Being the UK’s first LGBTQI+ focused supported living company we think it is vital to support people to be true to who they are and live the life they want to live. That also means supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people with complex needs, learning differences, disabilities and mental health issues.

We provide a variety of support for social activities and our services help people to go out on dates, meet with a partner and explore their sexual identity, no matter their sexual orientation. We have a thorough relationship and sexuality policy, with accessible information on relationship education, sexual health information, late nights out, privacy and confidentiality, safeguarding, intimate and personal care, dignity and mental capacity.

Our entire ACS Plus team are fully trained to support people with their personal relationship needs. Our training has been specially devised in conjunction with Supported Loving Network and our unique LGBTQI+ training. All training, policies and procedures have been developed within the frame work of the Care Act 2014, Sex Offences Act 2003, Mental Capacity Act 2005, Human Rights Act and the 2019 CQC relationship guidelines. Our relationship and sexuality policy has also been developed to work with families, to build positive relationships.