Our support services are provided in partnership with each person we support. Additionally, we engage occupational therapies, as well as work within our 5 key areas for developing healthier lifestyles through optimum nutrition and fitness, and quality, healthier living environments. Services are provided by staff who are fully trained to and are capable of understanding people’s needs and are competent to help meet those needs.

We are honest, open, and respectful regarding all genders, sexualities, cultures, faiths and spiritual beliefs and we treat all who use ours services according to their needs.

The ACS Plus Management Team have considerable experience in social work, management, practice and development roles. Our UNIQUECarers are our biggest asset and we are proud to have such committed, proactive and experienced support teams.

We fully understand effective team work and strive to deliver our vision to our clients. Our team works together in an open, respectful and honest culture, never undermining each other.

Our staff work to ensure people come first and support our clients in a way that is meaningful to them. Our staff promote dignity, respect, diversity, choice and help our client’s feel in control of their lives and allow them to express their opinions.

Our registered managers ensure all services adhere to outstanding CQC policies and procedures. We also promote positive staff mental health and actively employ team members with life experiences