We are committed to:

  • Supporting people to live happy, independent, healthy and safe lives
  • To provide a responsive, supportive and professional 24-hour service for our clients and local authorities.
  • To deliver high-quality supported living and care that ensures clients, who are looked after by local authorities, receive a stable and consistent experience of safe, warm and caring supported living
  • To deliver support that promotes a person-centred approach and encourage every client to maximise their potential
  • To ensure that the client’s welfare is paramount in all our decisions
  • To provide vetted, experienced and committed staff that have the appropriate expertise and training
  • To provide extensive support to our carers and staff in the knowledge that this has a direct bearing on successful placement outcomes
  • To promote the most suitable recreational, educational and employment opportunities that are available, and thereby enabling them to benefit from a range of opportunities
  • To enable our clients to pursue interests and hobbies and participate in a range of activities
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle
  • To ensure that our client’s mental, emotional and physical health needs are met
  • To constantly deliver best value and pursue continual improvement in all areas
  • Identifying and respond to issues of people using our services
  • To assist clients to develop their own individualised pathway in full consultation with family/friends and other professionals
  • To enable clients to develop their confidence and maintain their dignity, by retaining control of their independence
  • To provide access to appropriate health and social care services
  • To promote a positive culture of continual learning within the staff team and foster continual improvement in service delivery
  • To operate accordingly within the relevant legislative framework and policy guidance

We believe that:

  • Each individual has an inherent right to develop their true potential, regardless of their experiences
  • Our clients have a right to be looked after by professionals who offer them positive support, respect and reassurance
  • All clients have the right live their best lives, as independently as possible

In addition, ACS Plus will:

  • Strive to exceed the National Minimum Standards at all times
  • Ensure that the rights our clients are protected
  • Ensure that protection procedures are followed robustly at all times to ensure that our clients are safeguarded
  • Work in partnership with local authorities to identify the individual needs of the client
  • Ensure that our staff are trained in behavioural management and do not demean, degrade or humiliate a client
  • Ensure that equality and diversity is promoted at all times: through recruitment, assessment, matching and supporting the placement