Meaningful support for young people

Leaving home is one of life’s biggest challenges, and we believe no child should leave home or enter adulthood without the help of a supportive family. This is where ACS Plus comes in, we support clients who require a little extra help for varying reasons, we also provide support for:

• Sibling groups

• Emergency referrals, respite, short-term and long-term placements

• Require staying Put Arrangements

With safe, stable and secure placements, we deliver success by providing real support to young people. Our fully-trained staff support and develop pathways with our clients, to develop meaningful lives and unlock new futures. We support life pathways, from education and employment to personal relationships.
We promote optimal mental wellbeing, healthy living environments, good physical development, personal, financial and social development and nutritional wellbeing. Young people require vision and guidance. We provide individual pathways for each young person because one size does not fit all.

ACS Plus also has a qualified in-house team of support workers, case worker and social worker who work with local schools, employment and education advisers, to ensure NEET youngsters have adequate support to get into education, training and employment.

A small minority of young people are involved in gangs in the UK but they are the subject of considerable public and political concern. Our staff are non-judgemental and accepting and work with these youngsters who are often marginalised and misunderstood. Our aim when working with youngsters who have been involved in gangs and psychological vulnerability is to reduce serious youth violence and re-offending, get young people engaged in training, education and employment and living independently. Our staff are trained in understanding and addressing trauma, stress and distress and life lessons.

Working together we support young people to identify a starting point as they grow into adults. We work with them to establish stability and a real and achievable vision for their future. We support every young person who has been looked after and who becomes a care leaver under the Leaving Care Act. We deliver success by providing nurturing support and effective pathways to a positive, stable adulthood.

We support young people:

  • Leaving care

  • Learning disabilities, mental health or complex needs

  • Problems at home

  • Escaping abuse, violence or exploitation

  • Drug or alcohol issues

  • Involved in gang-related issues

Our pathways are developed with our clients and focus on;

  • Education

  • Training and employment

  • Structuring individual meaningful days

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Supporting household tasks

  • Finances, budgeting and benefits

  • Personal, social and cultural development

  • Supporting to build links with friends, family and the local community